Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glow in the Dark Book Promo (Video)

I've seen Kanye perform a couple of times, but his concert last year was definitely the most amazing show he's done by far. (I have to also mention that the opening acts were Lupe Fiasco, N*E*R*D, and Rihanna. WHERE WAS THE CRS PERFORMANCE THOUGH?!) It was just him and his spaceship (stage) telling a story of his travels through the universe. Here is a promo for his book Glow in the Dark, which is a behind-the-scenes look at the preparations of his G.I.T.D. tour and includes some great stills.

My true wish is that this performance is released on DVD so that I can experience it over and over again. Question is, do I buy this book now? Or wait for some potential Deluxe edition with-said DVD...

(Orrrr... do I wait for my Secret Santa to cop it for me instead?! I would also like Through The Wire: Lyrics & Illuminations, and Late Orchestration DVD... HINT HINT HINT!)

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