Saturday, January 03, 2009

NYE 2009 House of Blues San Diego

New Year's Eve 2009 at the House of Blues San Diego. Bear with me on this post. There's a lot of pictures here. A special shoutout to Alvin and TK who are in transit to Egypt! Be safe guys and have fun. Spontaneity is a catalyst for a good time!

Let's start the post off with The WildBoyz MTV Cribs at the Marriott Pt 2 filmed by Alvinisms & TK. I'm not gonna lie guys. The first video was a little slow. But this one makes up for it tenfold. The pre-party looked CRAAACKIN! "AWWWW SHITTTT!!"

We unfortunately didn't make it down in time for the pre-party at the hotel. We got into town around 10pm. Stephen and I dropped by Bums for some shots and picked up Mark & David at the condo, after a few more shots.

We crusied through downtown shouting "TMZ!" at randoms on the street until we reached our destination. 11pm. Better late than never.

Mark & Gian (5&A Dime). There Gian, you're on. Where's my money?

Jenny aka China.

Stephen's a little overwhelmed by the scene. Hey dude, it was better than your party last year FOR SURE.

The main stage. Mark Marcelo got the crowd moving.

Got the dancers moving too.

I think this is when the balloon dropped. Toe-Knee on the mic. Were you rapping again homie?




Mark was alongside Vince in the photobooth snappin' pictures.

Photobooth time. Random shot of Josephine, Tristan, Stephen, Adrienne, Toe-Knee, and myself.

Friends since the 4th. Word. Always a little homo.

Damn, dude got a HANDFUL OF FATCH!!

My man Redmond. Nice bowtie. You're one of the few that can pull that off dude.


Me and my godbrothers. 2 SD trips in 1 week? Sweet.

Alfredo and Kimtan.

No discrimination! But damn this is random.

Mr. Mira Mesa himself. "Mira Mesa" is "Look Table" in Spanish. MIRA! MIRA!

Hi Jenn! Another blog added to the list! (that's what jenn says)

Some of the lovely ladies of Kaba. Lizel I'm telling you, you need to come out to SD some time!

Ughhhhh son!

Stephen you win the creeper award for this pic.


This was a pretty long embrace. I think Toe-Knee was trying to make out with me. JEALOUS?! Just kidding bro. 143.

Alfredo & Sammie. I haven't seen Sam since sophmore year of college!

We used to be bodyboarding buddies back in the day. Ok maybe it was just a few times.

One more to the list (So. Super. Sam.). Good seeing ya dude!

Edwin of Blends and Segue-Mag.

Mindz Alike in the house! Number 1 DJs on the westcoast.

Two homies for real. Julz and Toe-Knee. It's hard to believe that I've only known these guys since April.

Time to head out. Take 2 with Jenny.

We went next door to the Marriott where the party continues. Half the people were game. The other half were knocked out. That includes Tristan who's lying face down at my feet.

Many thanks to Tristan for adding another driver's licence picture to my collection!

You alright dude? Why so glum chum?

Take 2 with Jenn. Yaw bo seh yo!

"Hello?.... Yes I make creepy faces..."

A little exhausted at this point so we couldn't hang out late. Mark, David, Stephen, and I head to the same pizza spot we hit up last week.

Always a good decision.

I guess she fed me some pizza... I wasn't THAT wasted was I?

Day 26. Ya heard?!?!

Back to Bums for some sleep.

These dudes are definitely donezo.

I dropped Mark and David back off at the condo. Here's Mark doing his best impression of himself last Friday at Onyx/Thin.

I get back to Bumsville to find this dude doing an impression of Bruce dreaming of getting head.

Thanks Stephen for accompanying me (read as: "being my date") to this shindig. It was good seeing and partying with all (and I really mean ALL) of you guys. It seems like every single person I've ever met over the past year in SD were there and that was pretty cool. Never a dull moment in SD. Here's to 2009!

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