Friday, January 16, 2009

Are We Really Doing This? SF??

First my shoes for the night: Nike Blazer Gray/Maroon Suede Lows.

Jasmine and Bruce wanted to get some dinner before their flight out to San Francisco for Lindsay's birthday. Red Robin is always a great choice. Endless fries and strawberry lemonade.

Cesar was in by default. He drove them to the airport.

We started discussing what my plans were for the weekend. I was either gonna go down to San Diego, wine tasting in Temecula, party in LA, or by a long shot, make a trip up to San Francisco. The San Francisco trip made Bruce and Jasmine's eyes light up. Our only real issues with going up to SF was to decide who's car to take up there and also the long drive up. We invited Stephen and Stephen 2.0 to dinner to have a discussion.

Here's my own reasoning. I'm leaning towards going to San Diego for the AgendaxCrooksxHellz party so I sorta crossed that off the list. I'm planning on Temecula wine tasting with my coworkers later this month or February, so that was sorta off the list as well. And L.A. just didn't sound so enticing this time around. So I can either stay in Anaheim all weekend (did this last week) or we can go up to SF to celebrate my 25th. After some pondering...


...I think. You see, Cesar's backing out because he's got some medschool apps to get done. My brother is down for the trip, but he's down to not go either. And Stephen's sorta putting this on me to make the decision. Stephen if you're reading this, this would make a great birthday gift. And spontaneity in the past has always brought positive dividends. But it's up to you since we've decided on your car. 2009 is our year dude! You in?


Anonymous said...

Happy Fucking Birthday

BB said...

Let's do this. Quarter-century is special.