Sunday, January 04, 2009

What One's Wearing: Nike Dunk SB Diamond x Dim Sum

Once again, with lacelocks.

After Sunday mass, I grabbed some dim sum with my brother and friends.

The usual suspects. Brian & Stephen.


This is acutally the first time i've tried the baked version of siapao. I usually get the steamed kind. This is just as good!

Shrimp noodles.

Pork balls, shrimp balls, and spare ribs.

Ending the meal right with my favorite dessert: egg tart.

My fortune. Oh really now!?

Afterwards we hit up Best Buy to make some returns, exchanges, and to check out the digital SLRs. Should I go with Canon or Nikon?

And spotted this video on Ollie's blog. Looks like he and Kimtan getting ready for the Chargers/Steelers game in the PA. I just like this screenshot of Kimtan screaming his head off. Give em hell in Pittsburgh.

Now that the Colts are out, Peyton has a few extra weeks to shoot some extra commercials and skits. This will always be one of my favorites.

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cous said...

the tiffany's a classic I wish mine look that good they are done for i worn then out....