Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Gen Christmas Party

Thanks to my brother for his blogpost. This saved me so much time from doing this myself. Sorry we messed with your camera bro.

During this time of the year, most of our parents will have a Christmas party for all of our family friends. This time around our parents weren't really planning anything, so Mark thought it would a great idea for us to get together for our own party. We're all first-generation born Filipinos born in America (hence our title of the post and party). Thanks Mark for hosting the party and having us over and organizing it all. I'll hopefully have the video up soon. Take it away Brimo.

christmas eve was insane. headed off to the contreras household to celebrate the first annual first-gen kiddo christmas party. basically taking the torch from the parents since they're all so busy with their own lives.

this post will contain 50 pictures, concentrated down from the 320 taken through the course of the night. i'll try to be short-winded. lucky you.

jomo and i were the first on the scene. prepping the foodz.

P Nut rolling through in his new snuggie

jennifer arrived with her brand new lewis vowton purchase.

obligatory alcohol handle picture per jomo's request

chocolate nyquil?

first drinks of the night. what's that in my hand?
mark, i, jomo angie, eva, darren (behind jennifer), jennifer, trish, sheryl

still gross, but it actually did taste like an andes
eva is pounding that red cup...

philip, dinky, and don-don finally made it through the traffic

jomo, dinky, philip, mark, don-don, darren, angie
me, trish, jennifer, sheryl

peeps figured to turn the kitchen into a photo booth

what were the plastic bags for you may ask...

cutting through rope with a metal tube? dinky just has shinobi skills

once everyone had a turn, we gave up on the blindfold and beat it to heck

party took a turn towards tijuana

shot #3

then we gathered around the TV to check out where we were a year ago

shot #4

here's where our white elephant started.
approx $30 limit, 9 people in, 2 steals per gift, no steal backs.
oh yea, every time you steal, you have to take a shot too...

trish got mine! sheryl jacked it though. that means it was good!

jennifer got the google gift!

i stole a space was worth it.

after the white elephant, we also had our "black balut" gift exchange. same rules apply, except the limit was $10...and these gifts were all pretty much junk.

no one got screwed over more than jennifer and trish though.

everyone else got pretty plasterized and shots were uncountable at this point.

jerk the night away


fist pump till we die
snooki, pacman, cotto

a couple hours later, dinky found mark passed out on the couch. photo op.

no more captions. just look for fun subtleties.

freaking done with this post. thanks everyone!

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