Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dec 29: A 6th and Spring New Year's Eve Eve Eve Eve-ning @ MACK7

Thanks for putting me on Bondax, BTang!

Lots of pictures. You've been warned.

You know what? If you didn't think that party title was clever, you can stay out of MACK7! The rhyme, the extensive use of the word "eve", and topping it off with "EVE-NING"?!? Brilliant.

This party stemmed from a conversation I had with Chris Yee. I was planning to do my 3rd Annual JAO event at the apartment. He was going to OMFG in San Diego. We had other friends going to Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, and other friends going to White Wonderland in Anaheim. Though we all knew we would have a chance to meet each other up for small gatherings, why not get everyone together for a big party? And so it was done. Thank you NorCal peeps for picking up the grocery bill. Thank you Chrix, BTology, and DJ MxLovin for the sound equipment and for mixing great tunes all night. Thank you Omar for ordering the cake for Maggie's birthday (which somehow ended up on my face...). Thank you Brian and Julia and all the other photographers who were able to capture all the special moments. Thank you unknown SB Manhattan tenant(s) that called the cops on us and ruined our fun. Thank you for bringing your own alcohol. Thank you to those who cleaned up after yourselves and others. Thank you to those who took care of those who couldn't take care of themselves. And the biggest thank you to all of those who were able to attend! Hands down, the best party we've thrown at MACK7!

Wait all those pictures were taken in just the past hour?! Shit... #soasian

Midnight birthday cake for Maggie!

You bitch!


I need a more efficnet coat check method...

SHE'S up next?! Let's get outta here...

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