Friday, May 28, 2010

What One's Eating: May 25 Gyu-Kaku, Pasadena

After the Lakers' loss (booo!), I headed up to LA to meet up with Jenn, DJ Mark Marcelo (yeah I'm using your DJ name), Stacy, and James for Japanese BBQ. Jenn's been dying to go to Gyu-Kaku for their great food and happy hour. Stacy and James are apparently major regulars and have a club card?! You kids are ca-razy. Combine a 25% off coupon, and Stacy's $25 credits, this had to be one of the cheapest baller meals I ever had!

Some Nujabes for the background.

Nujabes - Aruarian dance by keneda999

Bottles of nigori for $5? 2 please!!

Pitchers of Sapporo for $7.50? 2 please!! (Oh yes. We got wasted.)

So I learned two new things.
Jenn: You're not supposed to pour your own sake. It's bad luck or something.
Mark: I heard you have to make eye contact when you toast, otherwise it leads to bad sex or something. (Which lead to this question.)
CHEERS! ::intense eye contact::

Once a table cleared up we sat down and got down to grillin'.

Stacy x James.

Chipmunk Jenn x Mark aka the fobs! (No not really. Well I'm not sure about Jiji Jeehee...(damn sorry for misspelling that fob!))

Kalbi beef chuck. This was the "cheap" stuff and it was BI-BIM-BOMB! I really love the sauces they provided too. Marinated sex in my mouth.

Cream cheese and seaweed. Pretty good!

And this black sesame ice cream was BI-BIM-BOMB TOO!

I pulled an Alvin, and closed my eyes and took my first bite. Yummmm....

The only issue was that they slipped up on our order and forgot to bring a few plates out. So we got a pitcher on the house! Nice!!

More toasts. More eye contact.

James is a king...

...with a thizz face.

Was this the animal porn discussion?

What a random good night out on a Tuesday night.

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jenandkerosene said...

Chipmunk?! Jiji?! WOW. you got it completely wrong by the way.

Oh, and who eats ice cream like that? homo.