Monday, May 24, 2010

May 22: KBBQ DNB HOTD4 DDR EHP (via KaYoTiK)

Via Chaotic.
korean barbeque dave and busters house of the dead 4 dance dance revolution epic house party
celebrating maggie's grad school graduation.
said screw you to chum sut gol's non reservations and hit up icheonwon.

spread of foods and people.

i like the variety of facial expressions in this one.

headed over to DnBs at the block to relive thursday nights at UCI.
gun shake mechanics are still fun.

ryan got me for better rockstar face.

never play this harley game. crazy taxi with bikes is wack.

epic. better luck tomorrow?

F is for...maggie is the best.

DDR ripoffs are even more strange than DDR.

turned vin diesel into waluigi and headed to bruce's for some gay fun.

you guys bring this on yourselves.

the night became more normal.

then even more gay.

thanks 2 saints family

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