Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Beerlympics (via KaYoTiK)

With Brian snapping the photos for the night, I utilized my camera for some video action. I really wanted to put a video together but my program kept crashing on me. (If I somehow make the video I'll just make a new post...)

First off, Evita and Ryan's birthdays aren't for another 2 weeks or so. But I guess celebrating early isn't a crime. I'd like to thank Chris and Ryan (fuck you Alex!) for having us over for UFC 113, the Beer Olympics, shots of Kirkland vodka/grapefruit, and Rock Band. Thanks Brian for driving again. This makes 2 trips to this spot and blacking out each time. Thank God for our pictures to recap the night!

Slum Village/Fall In Love by dAndAn

so there was this gathering in burbank on saturday. basically 10 parties in one.
- UFC 113. the resurgence of shogun and demise of machida.
- the birthday of evita
- the birthday of ryan
- beerlympics 2010

i know that was only 4 things, but you have to multiply the birthdays by two and the beerlympics by five. i don't have to explain why. also, we played rock band at the end of the night.

too many pictures again. everything is already on facebook as well, so this is a pretty useless post except for higher resolution pics. (click them if you please.)

rocky road and ube ice cream cake. freaking baller.

mean mugged

went down to the garage to get ready for the beerlympics.
anson showing his new moves.

few rounds of flipcup to warmup for the main event.

after a 2 hour explanation, the peoples got divided into teams.



some p90x to get jacked.



red-cup medallions. winners?

round 2. get amped. more action shots this time.


nip-pinch wars

the police are our friends

took the party back upstairs to catch some hangover moments.


sing-alongs with the beat benders

nicely done.

failed attempts at push-ups

happy birthdays you two!

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