Monday, May 17, 2010

May 15: Falcon w/ the Ya-Yuh Sisterhood

Saturday night I headed up to Hollywood with Alison and Sheryl aka Hoodrat and Cuzzin aka The Ya-Yuh Sisterhood to celebrate the birthdays of Jewelle, Mark, and Geo at Falcon. We were supposed to hop over to Grandstar, but with all the traffic that night, it wasn't gonna happen. I met a lot of new people, so sorry if I don't remember any of your names! The venue itself was very classy with an upper deck outlined with booths and woodgrain that opened up to an outdoor lower patio. Unfortunately the DJ and music was mediocre, typical of several LA spots I've been to. (You Mindzalike DJs spoil me...)

Donwill - "Love Junkie" (Wallpaper Remix) ft. The Park and Ca$he by Funny Ha Ha


Birthday girl Jewelle. Happy birthday!


Alison, Pio, Sheryl, RJ.

The only way to end the night.

Stuff your face!

Getting a little ignorant. Well mostly Sheryl. (The video is priceless, but will never see the light of day! LOVE YOU CUZ!)

Good times Ya-Yuhs!

Speed racin' home.

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