Thursday, April 16, 2009

What One's Wearing/Eating: Max Schaafs x Panormous Pizza

Yesterday was a sneaker day at work because it was the tax filing deadline. I guess it's our company's way of making a normally stressful day much comfortable. I'll take all the sneaker days I can get! There's one tomorrow, so I'll take any suggestions on what color/shoes to wear.

I love these to death, and will probably need to find another pair. Max Schaaf Red Mountain Edition Vans. Thanks to my brother Brian, (aka Kayotik) for the pictures. No thanks for the lame tags on my pictures though. Fail.

I was pretty good for lunch and got a salad, hoping to clean out my system of all the crap I've eaten since Easter. Well one more day of crap wouldn't hurt. We got the Panormous Pizza from Pizza Hut. 5&A Deezy in the heezy.

$10. It's like ordering 2 medium pizzas, but way better with the Pan crust! Look at this beautiful pizza. It's glowing, like a golden rectangle. (Speaking of golden rectangles, who remembers watching this classic Disney video about math: Donald in MathMagic Land 2 of 3. I love math...)

Dayummmm look at that pool of grease.

Well there goes my workout for the day. Damn.

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KaYoTiK said...

yeeee tagged all over that crap.