Saturday, April 11, 2009

"I'm a F*cking MODEL!": New 5Dtv

So as long as I've known the homie Julz (Mindzalike), I always questioned his contribution to the 5&A Dime family to earn store credit. I'm not questioning his DJing because (1) he's sick at that, and (2) he actually gets paid by club promotion groups.

I'm talkin' about his bullsh*t "modeling" career which strangely earns him unlimited store credit. "I'M A F*CKING MODEL!". GTFO with that. If you would like to checkout his modeling portfolio, take a look at the men's products on the online shop. He's the dude with the veins on the arms and no tattoos.

Garvin and Jay put together a little short on why they don't use headshots in any of the product pictures on the online shop. NEW 5DTV Episode: Julz "Male Model"!

This video is also the reason why we don't include audio with the pictures either. If you would like to listen to his vocal skills, check out one of his DJing gigs and get him drunk. Then request some 90's R&B sh*t and enjoy the performance.

Just kidding dude. Much love! No fishstick. (I started that saying btw.)

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