Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Hat, Second Life, Guppies

I got off work early today. The fellers at Learn To Be decided to hit me up right as I was walking out the building to go for a Hat run which happens to be next to work. (That's what I get for updating my status on Facebook/Twitter.) Fine. I hope you fatasses enjoyed your delicious pastrami sandwiches, and your chili dogs and fries.

YOU KNOW I CAN'T EAT MEAT YET YOU ASK ME TO BUY MEAT FOR YOU?! DAS FUKKED UP! I want some pastrami. At least I had some onion rings. Yay...

Got a really good game of chess in against Cesar. I was white. Looks like he's on the offensive right? But I won! I was pretty much cornered, so I went on the offenseive and had some key moves. GG dude.

Then they showed me this game called Second Life. It's kinda like the Sims meet World of Warcraft/Everquest. You create a character and hang out with e-friends. Kinda wack, but funny to mess around with people.

Stephen and I made a new friend. We win.

Diana hit me up later to grab some tea from Guppies. She said some of the Esperanza gals would be there and we could just stop by for a bit and say hi. Sure why not. Well "a bit" turned into 3 hours. We got to catch up with each others' lives and stuff which was cool. And then the conversation turned towards beauty secrets, hair styles and stylists, and then of course a popular topic these days: weddings. Seems like a lot of weddings and engagements are going on this year!

The EHS girls shared this seafood porridge. It doesn't look that good, but they said it was delicious. "Yea usually the older Asian couples that come in will get this." -Guppies worker.

Eunice ordered some fries which were surprisingly good for a teahouse. Sorry Eunice for drinking half of your tea on accident... :X

Eunice also brought her "going-away" cake from work. It was her last day because she's starting nursing school at the University of Louisville (Kentucky) soon. We'll miss you!!

If you were following my twitter, here are the 4 girls: Diana, Christine, Eunice, Cindy. I haven't seen Cindy in so long!

(Lol @ Eunice.) Really good seeing you girls. It was nice catching up. I'm glad I was able to provide some conversation and consultation from a guy's perspective haha. Everyone's back in OC anyway so we can definitely meetup again soon!

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