Monday, March 30, 2009

CRAB HUUUT: Terry & Joe's Birthday!!!

My San Diego fam. Aside from the 5&A Dime crew and Ollie, I've known everyone in SD for less than a year. I can't believe it was within the last year that I met Julz and the Mindzalike crew, TK and the Wildboyz, TAA, and of course the Bumsville Bitches. You all turned SD into a second home for me.

Okay enough of that shit.

Sunday was definitely a lazy one. With no serious plans during the day, I was actually able to get a lot rest and relaxation going. I savor these times. In the afternoon, I kicked it at 5&A Dime with the homie Gian while we talked shop, friends, life, shoes, etc.

We were starving, but debated on whether we should get a late lunch since we had plans to hit the Hut later that night. We caved and Josie and Mai picked up some burgers (veggie for me of course) from Nicky Rottens. This was pretty damn good, but the bun was way too dense and filled me up quick.

Visiting from Seattle was Gian's sister Mai. Thanks for the burger! She was really excited to be in the shop and volunteered some time to help out customers. You did great. Based on this picture, you can already tell which sib is more productive, and who likes to waste time on the internet...

And here's Mai's little daughter, BROOKLYN! She's a funny one. And check out her fly kicks! BABY!

Bin dropped by the shop too. If you see this guy around, hit him up. He's rich now.

And apparently Gian bit Bin on the nipple at one of the events. Who does that??

After a quick hour nap (lazy Sunday continues), I met up with everyone else at Crab Hut on Convoy. We rolled pretty deep that night, totaling 25 heads at the table by the time everyone got there. (Brooklyn, Mai, RJ, Judy, Cha, Terry, Jenn, Scott, Mikey, Guil, Fel, Jon Lego, Kim, Bin, Vince, Cindy, Joe, Flo, TK, Edric, Klev, me, Josie, Jay, Gian. DAMN!)

Kuya RJ likes to rock the 'stache. Brooklyn not so much.

The biggest dude and the littlest dude.

"GIMME BACK MY HAT! I'll straighten your teeth." -TK

The seats start to fill in. I see you edROC.

Klev getting his salt/pepper/lime dip ready.

Because of the burger from earlier, I really had no appetite. So I just nomnomnommed on some fried calamari and fries.

Definitely the best starter of the night.



Toe-Knee made a bloody pussy. Winner.

Brooklyn got a little taste of the fresh limes. And she started screaming and crying. What a hilarious face. I LOVE THIS BABY! Sorry I made you bring her Mai... She was a handful.

Some of the bags of seafood start coming down the line. Shcrimps for Josie.

These two were the first to order but last to get their food. "I hope you fuckers are enjoying your food." -Jay. Gian is just straight up mean muggin' and hatin' on everyone.

Finally his order comes. Look how focused the dude is. Serious.

I didn't have a bag or messy hands which allowed me to snap pictures throughout the night. Everyone's going to town on their food!

The Adams bloodline.

Judy getting ferocious. RAWR!

Such a contrast in the size of crawfish. Fetus and big daddy.

My diamond. Bin's actually allergic to shellfish and had to step out a few times because his face was getting gross. Look how ugly it made his face! What a trooper.

Edric took a straw-full of some of the bag juice. NASTY!

"Stop. Fucking. Crying." -Gian. I still love this baby.

Vince is ready to knock out. Where did everybody go?

About an hour later, everyone finishes up their meals and they whip out the surprises. Official CRAB HUT HATS FOR THE BIRTHDAY KIDS! Joe Iggy.

And Terry K.


Happy Birthday guys!! You guys are freaking goofy as f*ck.

Roy and Barneby just chillin.

The damage is done.

Hey! It's Mikey!

So official with the leftovers.

We walked down a few lots to YogurtWorld.

Julz couldn't make it to dinner because of work. Here he is displaying his new nuthugger jeans. Nice.

Time flies when you're having fun. Good shit SD!

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