Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jammy Jam: Nash Quest - Let's Take It Outside (Album Link & Video)

The homie Nash (Univ) recently dropped his debut album, Let's Take It Outside. Nothing but love and respect for this guy. He's been real since day one and always a positive person to be around. I remember meeting the dude about 3 years ago when he and his homie Judo from True in San Francisco visited 5&A Dime. He's since moved to Encinitas where he's attending school and also working at Univ. Congratulations on the release dude. We're proud of you.

Here's his WEBSITE and MySpace where you can sample some of the tracks. You can buy his album HERE on iTunes. (You do need iTunes though to use that link. Go figure.) SHOW SOME SUPPORT AND COP THE WHOLE ALBUM!

I wasn't able to make his performance a few weeks back. Check Mikey's Flickr for some pictures of the Onyx/Thin event.

A little sample below. Here's his video for Home Is Where The... I thought he was standing on an AVNT/GRDE logo at first too!


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