Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 21/22: Danny Gans & Blush! (Vegas Day 2/3)

Day 2 (and 3) in Vegas was full of some pleasant surprises. Started the day off with this beautiful view of the Wynn hotel and the golf course to the side. This looked HD.

We got a late breakfast at the Fashion Show Mall across the street. Ran into Bryan Ishi again at the foodcourt. And also saw my mom! I didn't know she was going to Vegas until a few days before! She was there with a few of her coworkers to see Love. This was her second trip in the past 12 months. This was my 8th... I win!

I tried to meet up with Renee (UCSD) and Nicole (Capital) but our paths never really crossed. I did run into Michelle randomly though. She was supposedly f*cked up at this point and didn't remember this! You gotta be kidding me.

Another moment just missed.

While the guys were at the sports bar catching some NCAA action and the girls were poolside, I took the next 2 hours by myself in the room. I really needed that! I felt so refreshed just doing nothing for once.

We then got ready to go out. The crew! Dennis (NY), PK (NY), Brian (NY) and Jenny.

Jasmine, Helen, Bruce, Stephen.

Jasmine, Bruce, Stephen and I decided to do something different for this trip: see a Vegas show! We considered one of the Cirque Du Soleil shows but they were kinda pricey. So we ended up with tickets for Danny Gans. We got some cheap seats in the back for $50.

But the seats weren't filled up at the front so they were looking for fillers. FREE UPGRADE (row Y to D)! These seats retailed for $120ish. We'll take it.

Take 2 and feelin' good.

Danny Gans. He's not the Entertainer of the Year for nothing! He's an awesome singer and a great impressionist. I would highly recommend his show to anyone, including your parents! You just have to have an appreciation for pop culture over the past 5 decades.

Got a quick bite to eat before we went out. Tomato, basil, mozzarella panini. Money.

We got back to the room before the rest of the group finished dinner, so we just took some extra time to do nothing but enjoy the scenery and the company. This view never gets old.

Our plan was to check out XS at Encore, but the line was stacked. So we went to Blush at the Wynn which was a nice little lounge. We went to just get our handstamps so we could come back to the room to preparty. Even with our 4-girl to 5-guy ratio, we got in for free! Another plus for the weekend.

Back to the room to drink for free! Jasmine and Stephen.

Doesn't it look like I'm blowing out "Wynn"? No? Fine.

Stephen served up something special for Brian that night: a triple shot of vodka. This was his first and last drink.

"To love!" -Stephen (What??)

We got a lot of prepartying done! So much that I actually turned red... That has never happened before, especially since I'm so brown!

Back to Blush. Helen getting down!

PK is my new homegirl from NY!

Helen!? Dayumz. This was number 2 of 4 that night.

Now this is getting down and dirty in the club!

Stephen wants in on the action. Kinky bastard.

New friends from Santa Barbara!

Hah. Where are your boys Helen?!

Stephen you're the worst drunk cameraman.

I totally thought she said she was from UCSD and got super pumped. "UCSD" and "UCSB" sound the same in the club. Whoops.

The decorations in the bathroom were on point. Stephen and his wall of breezies.

Who remembers doing this back in the day?

Wait. Where did you get that flower?

Everyone went back to the room except me, Bruce and Stephen. We walked around to get some food.

Danny Gans!

This spot looked super janky but was actually nice inside. Only in Vegas will you see a "Sports World Kimchi" sign with an old school Ferrari in front.

In fact, it was too nice. It was too expensive so we went to the Mad Greek next door. No gyro for me. Falafel. This was whatever. I NEED MEAT.

Passed out at 5am again.

The next day we went to Tuscany Suites for some breakfast and craps. Veggie omelet, hash browns, and toast.

We dropped the New Yorkers off at the airport. It was good meeting you guys! Hopefully I'll see y'all in April! You're always welcome here.

On the road back to Anaheim. FML. I hate traffic and wind.

And this was the dude behind most of the twitters that were sent between 4pm and 8pm. I DID NOT WRITE ANY OF THAT SHIT! But hilarious nonetheless.

Duststorms. FML.

Overall a great trip! I've had my fill though. Encore blows. Don't stay there. Danny Gans rocked. I also turned $30 into $110 with a straight bet on the Lakers over the Grizzlies and also a 6-team parlay bet on the NCAA tournament. Good times folks!

Okay it's late. Goodnight.

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