Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Late Night Ballin'

So after a visit from my friends from San Diego, I played some basketball with Bruce, Stephen & Bryan at Bruce's house. I couldn't believe I was up for this since I was still running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before and a long day of driving around Irvine and Newport Beach. But I had to get some exercise in for the weekend and also I need to play basketball more in general. My brother came with me to snap pictures with his Nikon D90. There were a lot of shots, but unfortunately, most were blurry due to the lack of light.

We got a ladder in Bruce's backyard and got silly with it. I'll post the video up at another time. Mostly pictures. Few captions.

Nice defense Stephen.

Brian gettin artsy.

Rock star hops.

Summary: I need more practice. I got And-1'd twice. And my shot is just terrible. Back to basic drills.

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