Monday, March 02, 2009

Twitting @ Sens Nightclub in San Francisco

I shall proceed...

After the Dunkxchange, Jenn, Racine, Alan and myself went to Quickly's for some boba tea and popcorn chicken.

This is the largest boba tea selection I've ever seen...

Lychee Snow Milk Bubble tea. Yea I know. Hella gay name.

Jenn & Racine enjoying some popcorn chicken. I think the first meal I want after Lent will be popcorn chicken w/ rice at Guppies.

GET THAT CHICK ALAN! You look so angry dude. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.

Naptime with Lil Niggie. The little bitch kept biting my fingers while I was sleeping. But how can you hate this little pup?

Jenn's mom gave me some lucky money before we went out for Chinese New Year. Thanks Mrs. Cheung!

Jenn and I got ready at met up with Racine, Eunnie, Sandra, Johann, Henry and Eun (I'm getting good at remembering names) at King Thai for some dinner.

A pretty simple spot. I like the color scheme here.

Pad See Ew with tofu. I was really hungry right before dinner, but after a few bites I somehow lost my appetite and took most of my plate in a box. Maybe it was because it tasted a little burnt to me. Or maybe it was because Eunnie was going to town on her phallic fried banana and coconut ice cream. Bonus points for this spot for the free Thai iced tea though.

Then we headed to the club. Passed by Pinocchio again. Oh shit.

We get to Sens club (after a quick Goose carbar). To say that there were hella Asians here is an understatement. I don't think I've ever seen such a high percentage of Asians in a packed club before. No matter. I blend in like a chameleon.

So after more introductions with more of Jenn's friends (ughh... now I don't remember any...) I head to the bar and run into Anita!! I don't think I've seen her since our graduation from UCSD. How random it was to run into her in SF! I love this gal. Familiar faces are always welcome.

I bought a round for myself, Laura and Law since Law got me last time. Law got pretty hammered. YOU'RE FACING THE WRONG GIRL!

Laura got the next round. AMF for me. And this is the one that probably put me over. I don't remember taking the rest of these pictures (some courtesy of Jenn). I also had 5 or 6 drunk twitter/facebook updates. My bad. Drinks with Laura and Ada.

Back to front: Racine, Laura, Ada, Johann, myself, Tony. So much for blending in...

Eunnie aka... Lauren? Naw you're Eunnie. I hope you enjoyed your penis dessert. When did you put your hair up?

Eun aka... Jenny? Come on girls. Be proud of your birth names! I'll remember you for giving me the "hair-flip hello" at dinner.

Phil aka PeeMar with the Capo status. And what the heck is Racine chomping on?!

Ada's got little moon eyes when she smiles.

But Jenn's the one with HELLA little moon eyes. Thanks again for a great weekend and for letting me crash you house Jenn!

I really don't remember leaving the house, getting in the car, and getting back to Jenn's. Sorry I didn't get to say bye to any of you guys. I'm sure I'll see y'all again.

The next morning, while eating my leftover burnt Thai food, Jenn drove me to the airport. My flight was delayed so they were playing ringtoss at the VirginAir terminal. I'm definitely flying Virgin again.

She won free headphones. Hella cheated.

Got back to LAX safe and sound where Stephen and Bryan picked me up.

Many thanks to all those who welcomed me to the Bay: Jaque, Jen and Erwin; my famlay (JULY 2009!); and of course Jenn and all her wonderful friends. I'm glad you've found a group to kick it with.

Quick shoutout to Guil who has nothing better to do than to read my blog. Happy belated again. I took a double shot of Goose for you son. Also thanks to Tristan for hooking it up with the free flight from LAX to SFO. I GOT YOUR SHOES HOMIE!

Vegas is to 2008 as San Francisco is to 2009 so far... Till next time! [/hella]

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