Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Cesar!

On Thursday, I was able to get the entire afternoon off from work with the intentions of going to the ABDC finale (congrats to Quest!). But unfortunately there weren't any tickets available for the live taping. Rather than go back to work or go home and sleep, I spent the entire afternoon/evening with Learn To Be to celebrate Cesar's 25th birthday (WELCOME TO THE CLUB!).

We got lunch at King Lobster Palace, the local dim sum spot in Anaheim Hills.

We were pretty happy to hear that they were still serving dim sum portions at 2pm. Cesar is so Asian.

I did give up meat for Lent, but made the exception for fish and seafood. Cherng fun (shrimp noodle).

Some spicy flat noodle with tofu.

Pork bun! :(

James and Cesar telling old high school stories.

Special guest of the day was Channy. For some reason, we only get to meet up once every 3 months. See you in June.

Stephen's not a business man. He's a business, MAN!

Bryan, Stephen, James, Cesar, Channy, me.

The Quarter Century Club at the table: Cesar.

And James.

Myself too. (No picture.)

Afterwards we went across the street to Bliss which was a relatively new froyo spot.

This place was pretty nice. Comfortable and available seating. Well lit. I felt like I was in a spa.

Channy's too cool for school.

I got the "Hot Date" flavor with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Highly recommended!

Then we went back to the office to play a little. Here we are working on the New York puzzle again. We got a lot done!

Then some office baseball. Bryan at the plate.

James and Channy get their doodle on.

Their renditions: Stephen is a dictator. I'M SUPER SAIJIAN!!!

One last group picture before James and Channy leave.

Then we started playing with bubbles. I'm pretty good at blowing.


Told you I was good.

We tried to keep the bubble in the air.

Mr. Chen dropped by before going home to give Cesar a birthday gift: porno. "This is from my personal collection."

Then we practiced some of Learn To Be's team building projects for the new interns that would be starting that Friday. Don't you wish you worked here? (I read Alvinisms.)

I was pretty much ready to go home at this point, but they also wanted to get dinner for Cesar's birthday. Because of my slight petition to hang out longer, they decide to eat at Guppies. No popcorn chicken for me. FML. We met up with Juliana and Jinny for dinner. Stephen and Jinny playing checkers on my iPhone. Jinny lost haha.

I got the vegetable curry with rice. It was whatever.

The night turned into the Jinny and Juliana show who just kept talking and talking. Ughh..

I left early to catch the ABDC finale and then pass out.

Happy birthday once again to Cesar! Blogpost of the next night will be up soon.


jooliana said...

oh. SORRY guppy's turned into the jinny & juliana show. i apologize :) we were just so happy to see each other again!

Unknown said...

hahahahaha its all good. im just kidding around.

Bryan said...

its Learn To it right.

Unknown said...

are we talking about capitalizing the "T" in "To"? sorry bliu.

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA.. omg i didnt even realize we were being rude!!! HAHAH sorry!!!