Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boogie Town Trailer (Video)

Sorry for the lack of updates once again. I'll hopefully get the first half up tonight. While my weekend still continues, here's a trailer for a movie that's slated to come out this summer: Boogie Town. Spotted on both Alvin's and TK's blogs. I'm referencing both because I don't know who had it first.

Features some of the best from the best dance teams of the west coast: Shaun Evaristo (Gen2), Mike Song (Kaba Modern), Aimee (Gen2), Lando (Boxcuttahz), Tony Tran (Kaba Modern), Mike Fal (Gen2), Hok Konishi(Quest), Victor Kim(Quest), Althea (Entytii), Britney (Entytii), and more...

I just think it's pretty cool that these guys can make a living off of something they have such a deep love and passion for. As for the movie itself, it looks like a cross between You Got Served and Romeo Must Die. I just hope there's a decent storyline.

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