Sunday, March 08, 2009

Eileen & Diana's Birthday @ Libertine's

UPDATE: I realized that my captions were pretty sh*tty since I was tired and it was 3AM. So I've updated a few of them. Enjoy.

Another double birthday party in LA. The last one was for Juliana and Kana. This one was for Eileen & Diana. These dual parties are pretty fun. The theme: DOUBLE FISTING IT WITH EILEEN & DIANA! Happy 24th to both of you.

The drive up to L.A. complete with carbar and some premature partying. Lamda Theta Beta.

Some special guests in the house were the boys from C-Town/831productions who were in town from the Bay. These were Cesar's homies from UCI who made a lot of videos (see Alex's MySpace for some videos). Cesar, Alex (831), Christian (831), James.

The one and only James Yang (831). Our legacies finally meet after 4 years of stories via Cesar of each other.

Gary (831), Christian , and Francine. Thanks for the drinks Gary! Francine will be a new reader to the blog!

Me just talking a bunch of sh*t about random stuff.

Round 2: Vodka Red Bulls. See Alex, I tagged you on Facebook. F*CK YOU! 143.

Beer goggles.

The birthday girl Eileen! Lookin' good yo! Stephen's creepin' in the back.

Stephen's definitely feeling it.

Jasmine and Bruce also joined in on the fun from K-Town. I look extra happy in this picture. /=|

Cesar, Jasmine, Bruce. Nice haircut Bruce! Keep that beast on your head under control.

Juliana getting her THUG on! Yayo dance.

Juliana & Shannon are so pretty. Will Sasso creepin' in the background.

Evita and I had a 5-minute conversation at one point. Well actually it consisted of me asking her about 8 questions, and her responding with "DRUNK!". Yes you were.

Jeff & Eileen.

Alice was in town visiting from New York. Take 1.

Take 2!

Stephen ordered a disappointing set of sliders to stave off hunger. He never leaves dissatisfied and gets his money's worth. (You'll see soon.)

Jeff, Juliana, & Alice who seems to have fallen in love with my camera.

Ooooh that's a pretty harsh looking bird dude.

Guess who's wasted... NOT ME! :D

Michelle & Eileen.

I told you he would strike back. Stephen actually went into the back kitchen and ended up having a heart to heart with the chef back there who made him some fresh french fries. Stephen stole this anyway. That's f*cked up dude.

My fellow Filipino brethren, Ryan. WE GOTTA STICK TOGETHER!

Kesarin. She's looking to be a teacher in the LAUSD. Good luck dude! Bruce looks wasted.

Terry was my other new Filipino friend. She taught me a new Tagalog phrase! I forgot it already though. :( But thank you!

Evita and Stephen. These two were super wasted. But at least Evita didn't go into the kitchen and steal 2 potatoes and a spatula.

More drunkeness haha.

Cesar was getting freebies all night too because of his birthday. And if you didn't offer, he would just JACK YOU.

Mr Jon aka Zoolander. I wish I worked at Formosa Studios. Be sure to be on the look out for Formosa Betrayed coming out soon!

He was also showing off pictures of his hot bod on his iPhone. That's kinda hardcore.


C-Town upgraded! Just kidding Christian.


Jeff and Juliana being gangsta once again.

Ah finally a chance to snap a picture with the other birthday girl, Diana.

This is what happens when you go hard too fast. Premature ejaculation. If you look at all the pictures from the night, Bryan's in the most (besides myself). Count em. You should find 13.

We head to Pinches Tacos which was right next door. The food was good, but the service was poor. And I DO NOT recommended the vegetarian burrito.

Jon & Alice listening to Stephen's story of meeting the chef in the back of the lounge and talking about the market, jobs, and life. Talk about random.

James & I both rock 7 5/8ths New Eras!! We got big heads.

Nice spatula dude... Cesar's pretty damn close to Evita. WHERE ARE YOU ALEX?!

Meet Cesar, the drunk with the weird/amazing face.

Canyon High School shot: me, Stephen, Bruce, Jasmine, Cesar.

James & Bryan dreaming of taking a VirginAir trip to Austrailia. Or staring at the new Patrick Swayze billboard.

Bryan you are epic.


So that's basically it. A lot of drinking. A lot of new friends. And good company. Libertine's did not disappoint. Because I was relatively sober, I actually remember a good conversation with a lot of you, but I didn't put it all out there. Thanks again Eileen & Diana. And happy birthday!

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