Saturday, February 14, 2009

Juliana & Kana's Birthday @ Club LAX

Juliana and her friend Kana celebrated their birthdays at Club LAX on Friday night. The spot is pretty nice and it wasn't too crowded. Cesar, Stephen, Bryan and I prepartied in the car pretty hard, so my memory and conversation skills were terrible and I fell on my ass "gettin' low" twice. FML. Still a great time. And my apologies as I'm just about in every single picture. So be prepared for 20+ pix of my beauty.

We got there super early because we weren't sure how the overall guestlist would turnout. No cover charge! Me and the birthday girl Juliana! HELLO!

Eileen likes the prom picture steeze with her hand on my chest.

The legendary Alex Wong. He's known at UCI for his videos with C-Town and 831 Productions. Check out Wingman starring Cesar!

Stephen, Brian, Cesar.

Jon, Bryan, Stephen, Cesar, Sunny.

What a weird face.

Evita and Jon.

Diana lookin' fly with the hat.

Randomly ran into Sheryl at the club too!

Wake up Diana...

The Le sisters Jenny and Helen.

Sorry I forgot your name dude...

Michelle is my favorite.

Annie's my favorite too haha.

The birthday girls Kana and Juliana. Happy Birthday!

Outside the club was the standard hotdog cart.

Stephen was kind enough to buy this lady a dog.

Bought everyone here some dogs too.

And more randoms.

At the end of the night we hit up Thai Patio down a few blocks. NEXT TIME TOE-KNEE.

I don't know where Stephen, Bryan, and Cesar at the end of the night but I think they had fun. Thanks Cesar for driving. Happy birthdays to Juliana and Kana on February 15th. Good times in L.A.

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EagleEye2002 said...

Cool. Partying in LA two times in as many months without giving me a invite when I live here. Thanks. Awesome. ;)