Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bouldering @ Rock City

I woke up yesterday to the sound of more pounding of water on the pavement. I REALLY didn't want to go to work that day. I was able to snap a pretty picture on the way to work though.

Work wasn't so bad though. It went by fairly quickly and soon enough I was home to rest. Then Cesar asks if I'm climbing today at Rock City. We haven't climbed in almost 2 months. But hey I gotta get back into it sometime. I brought my brother and Cesar brought Stephen and Bryan.

Cesar and I like to boulder, which is climbing without belaying (using the rope). Stephen trying his first route. He almost finished.

Brian almost finished too.

Warmup for me. YAAA I BEAT BOTH OF YOU.

Then the guys tried the traverse route which involves more endurance.

Damn check out those forearms!!

I couldn't finish. Damn my weak arms.

Cesar hasn't climbed in a while because he sprained his ankle a few months back. He's still not 100% and was climbing with only 1 climbing shoe because of his ankle. You're crazy dude.

You have to be kinda flexible for some of these routes. Spread eagle.

Brian and I spotted these sweet boots on our way out.

Afterwards we got dinner at Guppies down the block. Cesar's always down.

This is Bryan's new favorite local restaurant.

This is Brian's favorite local restaurant.

Check out those pipes. So pumped.

I think Stephen just jizzed in his pants.

Bryan got this pork and rice bowl. He devoured it in 5 minutes.

Stephen got the pork and noodle bowl. If you've ever had a meal with Stephen, then you've probably gotten frustrated with his habit of leaving a group to talk on the phone when food arrives.

The standard for me, Brian and Cesar: popcorn chix dinner.

So good Cesar had to dance.

Bryan can't wait to climb again! He's jizzing his pants.

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month is free climbing day for any 4 guests per membership. If you're interested, feel free to let me know.

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