Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quick Updates: Coraline Dunk Auction & February Itinerary

First up is the Coraline Dunk Auction now up on eBay. With less than 2 days left, there have been 15 bids placed (high bid at $710.98), but we still haven't met the reserve! It's really hard to gauge how much a shoe is worth off the bat and it pretty much depends on how the other auctions do. But in comparison to the other ones listed, ours looks the best! Another quality auction from xjoemoex.

And secondly my February weekends are pretty much booked. This weekend is a trip to Vegas with Stephen, Cesar, James, Bryan, and Johnny and a bunch of people from Chicago, IL and Michigan.

Next (3-day) weekend will be spent in San Diego with the homies and also this little gig. You're all invited:

The 3rd weekend actually isn't booked, but I'd like to just spend it relaxing at home hopefully.

And the 4th weekend will be in San Francisco with my NSB.org peeps. Props to Tristan for getting me this flight for a great price on Virgin America. I will officially be de-Virginized as this will be my first flight with Virgin. "Jomo" isn't my middle name by the way...

Along with just hanging out, on Saturday I will be checking out the SF Dunkxchange to check out how they do it in the Bay.

And TOMORROW! I will be trying to get some food from the Kogi BBQ truck. I'll let you know how it goes.

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I'm copping two... said...

Have fun of you trip to Vegas. But blog is lacking man.