Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Café de Bumsvilla

Sunday morning brunch. This has always been a family tradition in my house. Before church my mom and dad would prepare bacon, eggs, and fried rice (and sometimes fish, corned beef, spam, toast, pancakes, fruit, omelettes, etc). It was probably the only time we ate as a family because my mom worked nights 6 days a week. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, but because I work now, I only get to really enjoy it on the weekends. Sunday morning brunch will be something I will always do and enjoy.

Annabelle and Jenn decided that the best way to start off the day would be to make breakfast. Breakfast at Bums is always awesome (see HERE).

After a trip to Albertson's we get started. Irish and Meeya can smell the bacon.

The chefs at work.

Bacon, eggs, corned beef. This is what Terry's room smelled like at the end of the cooking.

Mikey doesn't get the chance to enjoy daylight often because of his hours at work.

He took this early morning opportunity and fair weather (no rain) to take some pictures outside.

Bloggin the blogger. Check his Flickr for photos of the day HERE.

We also bought this Bisquick mix that came in its own shake case. I wouldn't recommend it unless you actually mix it in a bowl or sieve the mix to get out all the lumps. Spermy.

Happy Post-Valentine's Day!

The doggies are definitely bummed and hungry.

The final product and spread: diced tomatoes, eggs (scrambled for me and Michael, sunny for Annabelle and Jenn), thick-sliced bacon, corned beef, pancakes, and rice (not pictured). I know you can smell this.

We took advantage of the lack of rain and enjoyed the fresh air outside.

Eating outside was definitely better than eating in the living room on the couch. It's just more refreshing out here.

"Gimme some f*cking bacon woman..." -Irish.

Café de Bumsvilla. Open by spontaneity only. (Pic courtesy of Mikey.)

Post from the rest of the day/night will be up later.

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