Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 11 Part 1: Alex & Monika's Wedding

I got back from San Diego around noon on Saturday which gave me plenty of time to get ready for Alex & Monika's wedding in Corona. My brother's room, not mine.

I've known Alex since 2nd grade. He came up with 2 of my nicknames: Sherlock Jomes (maybe this was Ian, who created "Jomo"), and Jomogenized Milk. (I swear I'll beat anyone with a nickname battle.) I can't believe this guy just got married! I rolled through with Bruce, Cesar & Stephen (Entourage Crew), but each of them were a bit on the laggy side that day and we missed the pre-wedding appetizers! :(

Straight to the ceremony.

Some of the old friends from elementary/high school were there: Pooja, Suraj, Jasmine, Julia, Justin, and Ian.

Pooja & Suraj. These two have been together since... 2000? Distance runners.

I've known Pooj since first grade! That's history. We went to our first high school dance together! And she threw my first surprise birthday party. Damn I'm about to get emotional! I'm getting my BAUWS on with my shades.

The ceremony was held at Star Ranch, which was a little ranch at the top of a hill. What a nice view.

As you can see, it was kinda cloudy and there were also occasional minor gusts coming through. But at least the sun was shining most of the time and there wasn't any rain.

We didn't know what to expect, but Alex came in on a horse! You gotta admit, that's pretty pimp.

Monika was carried in on a curtained platform. What a beautiful bride!

It was a mix of Hindu and Baha'i traditions. Here the mothers of the bride and groom are lighting a candle together.

Vows. Alex made that gazebo and platform they're standing on by the way.

It was a beautiful ceremony with grand entrances, music and dancing, speeches and chants. Afterwards we got to catch up a little with Alex. They're going to be living in Australia and have offered his spot as a place to visit if we're ever down south. I just might take you up on that offer one day dude... Good seeing you!

Between the wedding and reception, they held some games at the ranch. This was mostly for people from out of town because the locals could go home for a few hours, and come back for the reception. We felt like we were at the O.K. Corral. They had campfires, horseshoe tossing, lasso games...

And AXE THROWING! The Entourage Crew stayed back to check out the games. Stephen was the only one to stick an axe into the wall.

I'm not sure how historical JENGA is, but this was a big set.

Vinny Chase and Johnny Drama.

E on the mic.

We couldn't stick around for the reception for some plans we made later that evening. But we got a quick bite to eat at Costco. Keeping it official with the Entourage.

Once again, many congratulations to Alex and Monika Brooks! Good luck with your future endeavors and your journey together.

I need to get a new suit coat!

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