Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eunice's Going Away Party: Korean BBQ

On Tuesday, I went to Garden Grove with James and Diana for a little get-together dinner for Eunice. She was leaving for Kentucky for school and her birthday was coming up. She'll be gone for a year. BYE EUNICE! :(

Christine x James.

Naomi x Christine.

We had to wait for the celebrant to arrive and just chopped it up. But about 10 minutes before she showed up, word spread around that she already knew about the party. Nice "surprise" face Eunice! You faker.

Time to eat! Some of the appetizers traditionally served with Korean food.

OHHHHHH MAMA!!!! ::drools:: ::gets boner::

I haven't had Korean BBQ in so long.

This looks too good! I wasn't a big fan of the big slab of sirloin though. The lady turned the heat to low which slow-cooked the meat and made it tough. Fail.


Lights out.

Happy Birthday too!

Jay x Eunice.

Top to bottom: James, Diana, me, Eunice, Christine.



Awwwwwz. (Had to 'shop this up.)

Despite eating like pigs, a few of us had room for Yogurtland. From the 12 o'clock position, clockwise: Eunice, Christine, me, Diana, James. (No pictured: Naomi.)

Bye Eunice! We'll miss you, and see you in a year. Enjoy Kansas!

I mean Kentucky... -__-

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