Monday, April 06, 2009

SuperFunNight: Tripod Edition

I'm really not sure how I came up with the name of the night, but it sorta just flowed when I updated my twitter & facebook. After my epic fail fishing trip I took a long nap and got a wake-up call from Stephen and Bryan (LTB) who wanted to do something that night. I offered two options that I knew of: World of Dance Competition in Pomona and Sidebar in Glendale. These aren't things I would typically bring Stephen and Bryan to, but they were 100% game to check it out. SuperFunNight BEGINS NAO!

SuperFunNight Part 1: WoD @ Pomona Fairplex
I rushed over to Stephen's house because it was already 9pm and we didn't know how long the competition was going to be. I get there to find that they were in the middle of a "wrestling match". This looks like some tantric sexual position.

Stephen couldn't get his elbow underneath Bryan's chin right. They called it a draw. By the way, nice t-shirts guys!

We head over to Pomona. TK was able to get us in for free. Thanks again dude! On the way there, Bryan was super pumped about this. Apparently back in high school Bryan was super hardcore AZN with frost tips and was a part of a crew too. His name: B-Boy RoboBryan (whaaa whaa whaaaaa...). He sorta grew out of that phase through college, but wants to bring it back along with his old crew's name: MERCURY 8! I always learn something new about this guy.

We only got to catch a little bit of the competition. We got there a little too late to see the Beat Freaks, and didn't stay long enough to see Quest. Fail. But some of the competing teams and exhibition teams were crazy.

I ran into my old buddy/co-worker JERRY WU (UCSD Catering). He currently resides in Cerritos, working at the Quest learning center. He's teaching salsa dancing! I'll be sure to check out a seminar dude. Good seeing you. We both made the same face.

One of my favorite routines that I saw that night was from Marvelous Motion out of Houston, TX. They just had such a well-rounded routine with plenty of intricate moves that wowed the crowd.

Ringmasters (ABDC S3) were also in the building for a little exhibition act too. The dude's hat tricks were like none other.

GRV definitely had the homecourt advantage. Great stuff guys. Word to THE MASSES!

We left around 11:30 to head out to Sidebar in Glendale. The guys decide to recharge their batteries and take a quick nap.

SuperFunNight Part 2: Sidebar @ Glendale

Tripod in effect: Bryan, Stephen, me.

Holy sh*t! SPESHUL ED SIGHTING (Mindzalike)! I haven't seen this dude since... damn I can't even remember! Good seeing you man.

Ed and Ashley.

Look who just flew into town from Houston! JACKIE! Bin was kind enough to pick her up at LAX. She's a little camera shy.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I really like this picture. You guys are goofy.

My favorite Mindzalike DJs: Mark Marcelo & SpeshulEd. (You too Julz. Geez.)

Sidebar was CRACKIN!!! The spot was small and intimate. The music was definitely on point with Mark & Ed, as well as Joe (not sure his DJ name). I'll definitely come back here!

Kim & Jon. You look extra HAPPY ("drunk") dude.

TAA x SAA. You look faded dogg...

Jackie, ???, Aprille, Bernadette.

Kim bought a welcoming shot for Jackie!

You guys look so damn angry. Maybe it's because in the span of 2 hours you each drank (1) Redbull Vodka, (2) Limejuice Vodka, (3) Long Island Tea, (4) Rum & Coke, and (5) AMFs. Drunkards!

Mark personally gave me a copy of his "the After-Party: 90s Bedroom Jams". Thanks dude! Everyone check it out and download/buy it!

Chillin' outside with Bin and Jackie. I need a pair of those AM90 Currents!

Everyone was pretty wasted at the end of the night!

We head out to look for some grub. Stephen found this beautiful sign.

He was also throwing a hissy fit in the car, rubbing his dirty-ass feet all over my windshield. I hate your guts sometimes.

SuperFunNight Part 3: Pink's Hotdogs (FAIL)
We wanted to show Bryan Pink's Hotdogs because he's heard so much about it. I'm not a huge fan and think it's overrated, but it's definitely an experience. But honestly, f*ck this long-ass line.

Stephen then whines half-way through the ride back home because we didn't get Pink's or Jack in the Box in L.A., even though there's a J-Box right by your house. YOU LITTLE BITCH! You ruined something good at Pink's that Bryan and I will not forget soon. Shut up and sleep. Good.

SuperFunNight Part 3 (Detour): J-Box/DT @ Anaheim
Not much to say here except that I can't wait for Easter.

We bring the food back to Stephen's place.

I told Stephen that this was probably in the Top 7 times that I've seen him so drunk/belligerent. He denies it wholly, saying he's just acting.

Bryan and I both agree that Stephen is probably one of the most obnoxious drunks when he gets in this state. "I can't believe you're going to Harvard..." -Bryan.


Stephen then proceeds to giggle and take an orange and run outside. Why is he celebrating? Because he threw an orange into the street...

More SuperFun. The guys start practicing some moves for Mercury 8. Bryan is down for some pop-n-lock whereas Stephen is a professional with rolling oranges off his body for the perfect body roll form.

Stunt #3: Stephen decides to drop kick an orange into the street. He failed to realize that the peel of an orange is made of... well, orange peel, and not leather. And therefore when you kick it with full force, it's going to explode. FAIL.

I decide to leave before the cops are called on us. As I leave, I get a nice parting gift from Stephen. I'm with you too Bryan. I can't believe this guy is going to Harvard either...

Overall, SuperFunNight was a huge success! What a random series of events. Stephen & Bryan said they wanna hang out with my Filipino friends more. You dorks. I love it! Props to everyone that was a part of it. I couldn't have done it without all of you!


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