Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 10: Bar 923

Friday night I hit up Bar 923 in Downtown San Diego with the same crew from the day before + TAA/Iceskate. A pretty chill night.

Judy x Klev.

Cindy (Avnt/Grde), Kimtan, Fels. Cindy looking super dark for some reason.

SAA x TAA role reversal. Nice face Cindy!

Joe (Avnt/Grde) is Dipset.

I heart Gelz!

Fels x Edric (Mindzalike). What's with my camera making people look super light or super dark?

One great thing about this spot are the cheap drinks. $5 hand pitchers. Great deal.

And now everyone gets my germs.

Guil with his own signature move.

923 is coincidentally next door to Commissary where about a year ago I met Klev, Judy, Bin, and Guil.

Cindy doing her best tree impression. Nice...?

"Look honey! I'M A TREE!" -Cindy. ::Joe ignoring her::

A pantone scale of browns/tans from lightest to darkest. (Color scale top down: Cindy, Felicia, Guil, Julz, Joe, me.)

Fels was hypnotized by the giant kiwi bird.

Some hoodrat sh*t going on downtown. Cops everywhere.

We got our own hoodrat sh*t on too. ::tee hee::

Bye SD!

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