Friday, April 02, 2010

April 01: Cheeeeerch

Since the stock market is closed today, I have the day off! So I took the opportunity to go out and support James as he was promoting at Cherch Lounge in Downtown Fullerton last night. It was a pretty chill location, but because they don't have a "dancing license" (I didn't such things existed), they aren't allowed to remove the tables in the middle of the floor. That didn't stop the DJ from playing top 40 and techno all night though. They need to either get that license, or change the music. But the turnout was great. Congrats James on another paying gig.

Drinks are cheap though! $3 "holy water" shots. These were pretty big "shots" though.

Took this picture because the guy on the right looks like homo/metrosexual version Neej. James got caught though. NOW who looks like a fool?

Jimmy, me, Cesar, Edgar.

And Laila!

Cesar and I cut out a little early. Ran into Mr. Villa on the way back to the car. I forgot that this is your hood dude.

Sorry Brian, if you didn't have work today we would've played Settlers afterwards!

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I'm copping two... said...

Once again, not even extending an invite to the homie. Cold-blooded.