Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Canon PowerShot S90

My spending spree continues. I dropped my camera last week at that crazy-ass party and it basically split open. It continues to operate, but it's about time that I upgraded to a big boy toy.

Enter the Canon PowerShot S90. I've seen the capabilities based on the pictures that Brandon and Toe-Knee were taking, but it was this guy's critique that got me sold. I'm also tired of stealing pictures from TK and Brand-EZ and having to beg my bro to use his massive Nikon D90 with all the fixins. I was hoping to save up for a dSLR for myself, but I'm really an on-the-go picture taker (and blogger) and need something that fits in my pocket.

As for the old PowerShot SD790, well it's been through a lot! It has the dents, scratches, and missing parts like a true warrior should. It's the reason why I have this blog still. It's a shame to throw it away...

So maybe I'll just take a video of me smashing it/setting it on fire. We'll see.


Sawyer said...

very nice. if i had just waited a bit longer, i woulda got that one. keep up the good work kid

Mike D. said...

good pick-up! keep the pics comin and the blog will stay propahh!