Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 17: The Tar Pit

Stephen was in town from Hahhvahd (Harvard) and wanted to go big on Saturday. Well he certainly did. We hit up The Tar Pit in Hollywood for some drinks as recommended by Michael. (The Warsaw Mule was pretty good, but the one from Haven Gastropub was much better. Let's check it out sometime Mikey.) Not only was our bill extravagant (and poorly calculated by 8 college grads), but Stephen gave 2 tequila shots (I hate tequila) to BJ Novak and his date who were sitting a few feet away from us. You're not really supposed to get past a buzz at these types of spots, but sure enough a few of us were. No daps and hugs from the star caused Stephen to go into a cursing frenzy. And to end the night, a trip to Ms. Donuts (and Stephen trying to get Del Taco). Nevertheless, a lot of good conversation with the old CHS crew.

I'm still getting a feel for the settings of my new camera, and I tested a lot of black and white shots through the first half of the night.

Miguel Jontel - All I Want Is You (Ft J Cole) by PJ!

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