Thursday, April 01, 2010

March 28: SOFTBALL!

On Sunday the SD fam had a picnic and softball game at a park in Mission Valley. It was my first BBQ with the crew and it was pretty damn fun. I was just bummed out that I couldn't play hard because of my knee!

The early afternoon was spent enjoying a lazy Sunday with friends, snacks, and a homerun derby (Joe and Apple Nuts were the winners I suppose, with Jay bombing the longest one and almost hitting my car). Afterwards we got the softball game going. Among a group of about 25-30 (guys and girls), I was managed to be picked last. Fuck you Joe and Fuck you Apple Nuts (team captains). I played catcher and had a pinch runner though so I got my game on (and got Guil out on a pop fly, SUCKER!). Then just lounged until the sun set. Good times.

Oh yeah Joe Iggy got 3 more ice water showers. WE LOVE YOU KID! Even though you're corny as hell when you think you're actin' HAWWRDD. Just kidding. 143.

Pictures via myself, 5&A Dime, Toe-Knee, and Bert.

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