Saturday, June 05, 2010

May 31: The Return of the Comb Over


We are anxiously awaiting the Yacht Rock mixtape...

Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out by xjomox

The last Comb Over was such a blast bro. Thank you for having us all over on your birthday for an awesome Memorial Day. I'm glad more people came prepared to hop into the pool this time around. Deepest apologies to Guil for throwing you in with your Blackberry in your pocket. My bad man.

You can also catch Jay's recap HERE.


Julz aka The Bakla Baby.



Gian + Bin < Julz + Jomo. F*ck your undefeated streak!

Mr. Rygar, you're allowed to BBQ for me whenever you're around. Tri-tip was BOMB!

And the premiere of GWB (Great White Buffalo). (You have to whisper it.)

The Mark Marcelo Photo-Bomber Series. Super natural, yet supernatural.

More pong. Gian upgraded from Bin to Hannie. We lost because Julz is bakla and sucks when he's drunk!

The owner of this extremely long nipple hair will remain anonymous.

Damn TK, why so kawawawa?

This was pretty fun. Thanks Julz.

Flipcup! You guys are finally learning.

Jameson pours for the birthday boy. Julz threw up on the deck right after. (Yep.)

Happy birthday Brandon! Damn pimpin'...

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