Monday, June 21, 2010

Party Bus'd (via KaYoTiK)

REVOFEV - Kid Cudi by user7183165

The next few blogposts/pictures will be via KaYoTiK, aka The Photographer, aka The Designated Driver, aka The Designated Blogger. Once again I've managed to have forgotten everything that happens after 11:30pm (which I've dubbed as The Magic Hour that no one remembers anything), and the pictures don't tell any sort of story at all.

Anyway, happy birthday Iris and Alex!! (This didn't even feel like a year ago.) This time around we got a partybus, and not one of those regular one-level limobuses. We got a double-decker red bus son. BIG TIME! We hit up Mai Tai bar, The Gaslamp, and (insert forgotten memories). I managed to make/spit a big mess up on my car and on my shirt. But at least I didn't lose anything...

back up in this celebrating the births of iris and alex.
apologies that the pictures are relatively vanilla. i was sleepy all night. my battery was dying. and i was an idiot and left my wallet/ID at home, making me pretty bummed. unrelated: pictures are unnecessarily large because i was stupid while exporting. enjoy clicking them for hi-rezzz.

getting things ready prior to the festivities

jungle juicy

then we hopped on...all dudes on the pole

upstairs was a bit more spacious

first stop

1 second later

back on the bus 20 minutes later. birthday peeps.

c-town/831-productions: alive and kicking

thuggish ruggish

at this point, the bus made it to its 2nd stop, in which the bouncers were being super bouncy.
i didn't even want to try to get in, so i chilled and my camera pretty much died.
to make up for the uneventfulness, i tried to get artsy fartsy with the following shots.

well done alex. i hope you're still alive.

anyway...happy birthday you two!

PS: there was this 1 hour gap between arriving back at the hotel and finally driving back home...eff you jomo and cesar. you guys are the reason why i don't believe in drinking. not to mention your vomit smells disgusting.

PPS: thank you jeremy for being my body-double. thankfully all filipinos look exactly the same.

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Mike D. said...

dude, these pics are dope!