Saturday, June 12, 2010

What One's Eating: June 03 Daikokuya, Little Tokyo

9 days behind on the blog?! Yikes. Well in the past week, I've managed to not only lose my camera, but also contract a computer virus which is causing much frustration when I'm trying to use my computer. I've got some catching up and cleaning up to do.

Jenn ( and her rice rocket friends (hah) came down to celebrate her birthday at Disneyland and to also hit up the racetrack in Buttonwillow. I met them up on Thursday (last week) in Little Tokyo at Daikokuya which is famous for their ramen. The weather was a little too warm for me for ramen, so I ordered a 3-combo bento box.

Salad and miso.

Ramen! One with green onions and sprouts, one without. Blue wins. Jenn's looks like poo.

Bento "box" (plate): Assorted tempura (thumbs up), chicken katsu (thumbs up), and spicy tuna roll (thumbs down).

A riskay birthday card.

Happy Birthday Jenn! Thanks for visiting. :)

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