Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sept 08: Childish Gambino @ Fat Beats LA

mc DJ - Rockstar ft Childish Gambino by xjomox

Jomo come to Fat Beats LA at 7pm

No disrespect to the closing of the legendary shop on Melrose, but why would I drive up to LA on a Wednesday to a record store?

People of LA: Impromptu in-store CHILDISH GAMBINO show w/ @sosupersam @ Fatbeats on Melrose, TONIGHT at 7PM!!! Let's hip-hop this mofo.

That's why.

I tried to get some of the homies to go at the last minute, and Reyes was up to the challenge, especially since he missed the show a few weeks ago. The show at The Bootleg Theater was definitely awesome, but how often are you gonna see an impromptu show at Fat Beats by an writer/comedian/actor/rapper? This one was for the ages. Childish freestyled and rapped over some classic beats, most of which I caught on video. Good sh*t Don! (You should really consider releasing a remix album with your lyrics on classic beats.) And great job Sam! She basically walked into the store without knowing what she would be working with.

After the performance we got to hang back and talk music and future events in LA. Look for more Childish Gambino shows in Novemeber! And hopefully a special event in late September...
Pictures and blogpost via Donald's #1 Stan Fan

wednesday night was pretty epic. donald glover put on an impromptu show with sosupersam at the soon-to-be-extinct fat beats in LA. last minute tweets and texts got me to head out directly from work with hour of traffic and it was show time at 7. freestyles all over the place, mixed in with some new and old childish. one of the best parts was donald doing a verse from almost there.

just an amazing, intimate show for the fans that could make it out. donald explained that he wanted to do a performance before the place shut down since fat beats NY is where he got started as a DJ and lyricist. and as sam put it, it was just one of those events you'll be telling stories about 20 years from now.

also, donald was looking for requests from the crowd and i conjured up the above track (personal favorite from f*ck yaselves)....too bad neither of us remembered the lyrics fully. ah well. on to pictures.

after the set, there was a meet and greet sesh with mr gambino.
it's still very awesome that he's down to talk to every single person.

filipinos just hanging out. rolled up sleeves crew.

thanks for the shout outs once again yous twos. you're the only reasons people visit this site =)

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