Wednesday, September 08, 2010

SD Labor Day 2010 Part 1: Downtown SD

Mayer Hawthorne - I Need You by stonesthrow

Part 1 would probably have been Confidential from the night before, but we rolled up a little too fashionably late at 12:45am. After a late night run at Santana's, and an 11-person slumber party at TK's, the #CoolCar got pho-od (GET IT? FOOD?!?) at Pho Cow Cali Express the next morning.

Who was in the #CoolCar? Myself, Karen, Sheryl, and Matt.

#44. Rice noodles with bbq and egg rolls. I know it's not pho, but this is always good.

After a quick trip to Fashion Valley, and a failed trip to Wavehouse in Mission Bay (there was absolutely no parking!), we hit up some of my favorite downtown spots.

5&A Dime.


Then we met up with some of the crew at the hotel and Horton Plaza.

Freakin' Pinkberry.

Took a quick power nap in Julz's room at the Marriott. After thinking over the housing situation, I made a business decision and got another room at the Se. Thanks Jenn!

Party time.

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