Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sept 01: Short Steezy

Mike B gave the Short Stop the Santos treatment, playing a lot of NY throwbacks.

The Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance (Remix) by xjomox

A chill night at Short Stop. I rolled through with Sheryl and met up with some of the SD homies. 3 calls from Virus and 2 from Julian while I was on my way. Calm down kiddies. I eventually showed up right? Happy birthday Damo! And had I known you were all (yes you were ALL f*cked up) gonna pre-party that hard, I would have made an effort to get there earlier... (Bin just filled me on the drinking game y'all played right before. ::thumbs up::)

You SD kids love coming up to LA don't ya? Yeah you do.

I'm not sure if rockin' suede was the best idea here...

Mah n*gguh B. (It's cool. I'm allowed to call her that, I think...) And check Bin in the back. He's hella faded. Totes McGotes.

Hard drinks + PBR for Damo.

Damn Rick. Double fisting with those loaded guns? We found the WMDs.

Fuck you too. Is that a switch blade in your shirt pocket Elmer?

Damn slow your roll Brandon! This is pretty damn cute though.

Yeah. It was hot as f*ck in there. I got my steezy Supreme x Gucci tee sweaty. Sorry we bounced early folks. The working man has to get his beauty rest. See you fools on Sunday!

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