Thursday, September 23, 2010

bored? games... (via KaYoTiK)

I almost forgot to post this stuff. Last Saturday was pretty chill. I can appreciate days like this where I can just stay in and relax. Not pictured was after all the board games when my cousins Cassey and Nicole came over to chillax and I found out how hard my little cousin parties. #Mindblown.


reason(s) for lack of update(s)?
- i like to try and to top or at least equal the previous post. donald glover sightings are difficult to overcome.
- my life is still boring. when it hasn't been, my camera sits stationary on the ground since i'm enjoying myself.
- i'm lazy and feel like crap. my coworker gave me cold/flu medicine. took it on an empty stomach and i'm pretty sure it destroyed my intestines.

hopefully my immune system rejects whatever is invading and i get healthy with the quickness...not that any of that matters. friends want to see pictures and relive their weekends via reading about themselves.

rob came over last weekend for video games, scott pilgrim, food, and settlers.
knowlwoods is the old school spot in anaheim hills.

it's not the same picture.

converted rob to the boardgame. he got cocky on his first go-round, so i crushed his spirits, stole his longest road last second, and won.
i also made a variation of that character from aqua teen hunger force.

this past saturday saw more friends at the house for more board games.
maggie brought bebe. she's a photo whore.

james is distinguished and 2 hours late.

i sat out to team up with eunice and teach her the ropes.
we killed the competition despite them yelling at me to order pizzas at the same time.

awww bebe wants to play! she's like a stuffed animal.

we split for 2nd game. extension'd and random startup.

now flip!...neither of us were very successful on this go-round =(

we switched to apples to apples afterwards. freaking maggie wins everything.

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