Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aug 19: Childish Gambino @ The Bootleg Theatre (via KaYoTiK)

Unfortunately there isn't a studio version of this yet.

Yeah it really was me and Brian's 4th encounter with Donald Glover (see 1st, 2nd, 3rd). For Don, it was his 3rd concert ever (1st in NY, 2nd the previous night in LA) under his Wu-Tang generated alias: Childish Gambino. He gets you early with his beats, he keeps you listening with his intelligent and witty lyrics about money, bitches, alcohol, and fame.

But that's just the surface of CG. Despite he's comedic recognition, he wants to be taken seriously as a musician. "Damn bloggers argue on whether or not I'm serious. It's Nas' Illmatic, not Eddie Murphy's delerious." Point well taken Mr. Gambino. He came with authority and stage presence, whether he's rocking out on I Be On That, or cooling out on So Fly. And dude came correct with the live band. I'd compare this to a N*E*R*D concert. Stay on that grind.

The only negative to the night was a majority of the actual crowd; Too Cool for School hipsters who wouldn't feed the same energy back to CG. It was evident during the harder, more "hood" songs as I was one of the few with my hands up. Maybe they all have never seen a rap concert before? ::shrugs::

Thanks Sam for getting us the 2 extra tickets at the last minute! You are so clutch girl!

Via Donald's #1 Fan.

went with friends and family to share the donald glover love. not many words with this post. just know that it was an amazing concert. and you missed out.

low lights, high ISO. altered temperatures, adjusted hues.
just think of it as crappy old film on your computer screen.

dennis and sam. prepping for the pre-show spinning.

the setup

james is scoping. place will eventually fill up.

random ceiling decor

obligatory shoe shot

so super sam

flash shots prior to the show start

words. with friends.

still playing games i thinks.

and then...

hitting us with some of his favorites from culdesac

halfway through the show, he throws in a medley while debuting a new track...

...done over kanye's power. insane.

then ending the show with "i be on that"...

...but of course there was an encore

freestyles and topping it off with "get like me"

satisfied customers. open your eyes james!

jomo battling for the rights to 5 and a dime's mustache

headed back home afterwards. bye bootleggers!

but first some late night grub.
haven't done a midnight food run in a while. tacos at el taurino. thumbs up from me!

thanks everyone. it was a good night.

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