Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aug 14 (Part 3): ArcLight Cinemas vs Us

Alex got Brian and I pretty pumped for the release of Scott Pilgrim vs The World (then shortly before the movie started, we found out he watched the movie the day before with Evita already, dickhead). I purchased the tickets for the group and we all met up 10 minutes before start time. For most of us, it was our first ArcLight experience. The close the doors promptly when the movie starts, so late arrivals are non-existent.

Full bar available inside! That's pretty cool.

Wall 'O Movie Posters.

"They need to hurry up. We have to get in soon. I'm so scared..."

The golden 6-man ticket. And your eyes do not deceive you. I purchased the ticket for FRIDAY, instead of Saturday. I guess the ticket still worked because they let us in without question.

I didn't realize that I purchased the ticket for the wrong day until I approached a family that was sitting in what I thought were OUR reserved seats. I was quickly corrected and we scrambled to find seats in the very back row. We anxiously watched the previews and watched late-comers pour in one by one, awaiting the group that would kick us out of our seats.

We survived the previews though, and once the movie started we were in the clear! The movie was AWESOME!! The script was a great adaptation of the original comics and the special effects were nothing short of amazing. Are you a fan of comics, rock 'n roll, kung-fu, and video games? Then this is YOUR movie.

And for those of you who are skeptical of another Michael Cera film, this character is definitely not his typical deal. He's a rock star, bold, action hero. End of story. And I'm just about ready to purchase this.


vita said...

LOL, be nice. I bought Alex all the comic books for his bday the past like 3 or 4 years, he was obligated to go with me too and i wasn't allowed at guys' night out. ;)

Unknown said...

don't make me feel bad! that's not fair... we were just all shocked when he said he watched it already that's all... :(