Monday, August 16, 2010

Aug 14 (Part 2): asia time in little tokyo (via KaYoTiK)

Another one from B.

after the L&O sale, jomo and i headed out to little tokyo to meet up jenn and pals after their carshow. after circling to find parking, we wandered the streets to find them. turns out there was some sort of festival happening with a good amount of cosplay. wish i had taken more pictures at the time, but i was tired and like to make excuses.

guy in cape reminded me of a ronin warrior
darn obscure animes

finally found the tourists. at which point, we crossed more streets to get yogurt.

asian squat solves all problems

norcalers walk surprisingly slow

random food

kakashi 2.0 making his way to sampler platter

wendy tried her luck at the sanrio wheel of fortune

ended up with a pekkle post-it stack. YATTA!

our meter was up so we headed out. twas good seeing you all!
still more content coming up from saturday...

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