Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What One's Wearing: Nike Air Max 90 Infrared '10s

El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M. by sopedrada

Sunday was a pretty damn beautiful day. I decided to just get some stuff (blogging) done outside in the gazebo. The sun was out, weather was warm, and the view was amazing. I'm so cooped up at a desk during the week and always going out on weekends/weeknights, that sometimes I forget what it's like to enjoy doing nothing.

S90 x Hipstamatic once again.

Got these off ebay for an awesome price! I missed the previous 2 retros so I made sure I got them this time around. Thanks for the tip Ryan!

Picture perfect. (Shut up Bruce.)

Thank you Mike aka DJ Virus for putting me on game with this album.
The headgear? Free goods from the owner of Skullcandy while I was cruising by Univ a few years back. The strong shall stand. The weak shall fall by the wayside.

More messing around with sneaker pictures. Let me be.

My obligatory M-DEEZY shots of my beverage. Aloe Vera drink. N*gga what the f*ck is juice?

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