Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aug 14 (Part 1): L&O - the 3rd year (via KaYoTiK)

Saturday was pretty damn long. Met up with 3 different groups throughout LA (City of Industry, Little Tokyo, Pasadena), and in the process making my tank top tan more prevalent. Luckily Brian and I squeezed a little nap in the park in Pasadena, otherwise I wouldn't know how we got through the whole day.

Via Little Brother. (Good choice on the song selection! One of the better post-9th Wonder songs.)

Little Brother - Good Clothes by KaYoTiK

the homies from loud & obnoxious are still going strong. with the streetwear scene seemingly dying down, they are one of the few brands that's actually growing and evolving with the times while staying true to themselves. their upcoming fall and winter lines are definitely the best they've done so far.

in honor of their 3rd year anniversary on saturday, they threw another amazing sale/party for their loving fans over at their warehouse in la puente . thanks for everything y'alls. here's to you and your amazing future.

rolling by. some of these guys had been here since last night. dedication for sure.

met up with drew and jon there. the line from behind.

coming in for some behind the scenes action before it begins.

a familiar set-up

all !!! everything

from beyond the grave...

no, thank YOU. perfect L&O tag placement.

!!!rd anniversary

around the office shots. calm before the storm.

peek from underneath

the line is still going

kiss the cooks

chuckpreme makes an appearance...and gets iced twice in 10 minutes

stay strapped

better late than never. the happy campers bust through the garage at around 12:30.

one rack per person

DJ serts. quite the appropriate tanktop.

NSB shoe circ again. jon, jomo, me, drew.

double the icing


spun a super cool mix of hip hop, old school, and remixes of bb mak and bell biv devoe. me likey.

repping L&O and NSB since day 1

super packed.

and shay maria. an awesome way to end the day.

good clothes, good food, good music, great people.
L&O - never dead since 2007.

And here's MY picture with Shay Maria, along with her re-tweet. Thanks Shay!

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