Wednesday, April 11, 2012

March 30: Happy Birthday Neeraj!

Ah yesssss all caught up before Coachella!

2 weeks ago, Stephen had a few of us over at their DTLA apartment to surprise Neeraj for his birthday (which is actually on April 3). Second weekend in a row at the apartment? Stephen's confidence level goes up 5 points. We gathered some of the old high school gang and some of our college friends from UCSD to grab drinks at a Korean bar down the street. Good times.

Neeraj's favorite: Ms. Donuts. Fresh from A-town.

Happy birthday Neej!

Innocent now, but this sparked some brainstorming for later...


An interesting set of ads...


Like a champ.

(Should I blackout the logo on your tee?)

Release the tom foolery.

Not gay!

Where the REAL Hunger Games was written...

You sick f*cks.

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