Monday, February 15, 2010

February 13: Corvette Diner, Happy Birthday Cindy!

Just before the long weekend started, I managed to get a cough 'n cold bug into my system. Major fail before another trip down to San Diego. I got as much rest as I could and headed down anyway. Apologies to anyone that I may have gotten sick!

A few of us met up at Corvette Diner in Point Loma to celebrate Cindy's 24th. I remember the old one in Hillcrest, but I don't remember a giant kids arcade to play in. A few of the cast for this post.

Maverick and Goose doing flybys. That's a negative Ghost Rider.

I finally got to catch up with Annabelle! It's been too long dude.


Birthday shake. (Girl you know I I I...)

Time to dance!

I don't wanna be a chicken, I don't wanna be a duck...

I just wanna get crunk...

Cute Cindy.

"Hey hun, do you like it?" -Cindy
"Yeah... I can't stop looking at it..." -Joe
(That wasn't a real conversation, but I needed to post this picture haha.)

Finishing touches.

Finally the food comes. Everyone got burgers and sandwiches. I got the chicken tortilla soup which was pretty good. I wish I got a burger though!

Happy birthday once again Cindy!

Thanks for the closing picture Guil.

(Group picture will be inserted once someone uploads it to Facebook...)

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