Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April 30: 722 Spring Bash (via KaYoTiK)

Chromeo - Hot Mess (23 Dubstep Remix)

Running low on sleep. Via The Photographer.

sosupersweetsam invited me to shoot for 722's kickback. i happily obliged.

i wish i always had flyers to steal. then i wouldn't have to describe things anymore.

so inviting.

bld lending their services on the grill

and izze across the way providing the bevs

henna tatts and furniture auctioning

still wondering if anyone outbid me on these eiffel stools...

the spinsters of the day (not including sam since i was late and hate traffic =[ )

dj mark more cello

dr partytime MD

draw birds

chillin near the grill

giving the crowd what they want

turkey sliders and salad all day

all goneee

ice barrels and plants are fun

mark with the gangster lean. jomo with the photo credit.

heading out. grabbing photos of everybody that wants to look.

later doggs

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