Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 06: KTown + Karaoke

Diplo - About That Life ft Jahan Lennon

10 days later and I'm still being haunted by those pictures from Avalon... I also remember waking up drunk the next morning. Blah....

The next day was packed full of activities: graduation, lunch, furniture shopping, puzzle solving, and karaoking. It was definitely one of my more productive Saturdays.

Oh god yes...


I forgot what this was, but it was good!

Soldier Stew, with hot dogs and spam!

Cold noodles

Unwinding at Burbank.

Celebrating Millar's new job! POP CHAMPAGNE!

Everybody's favorite time: karaoke time.

You can't have group karaoke without some background dancing.

Alex Clare - Too Close?

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