Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct 07: Florence + The Weeknd @ The Hollywood Bowl

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out (Remix) ft The Weeknd

The concert that sorta just flew under the radar. How did everyone forget about this?! After the Weeknd's stellar performance at Coachella, I wanted more. And I hadn't seen Florence until this night. We made an afternoon of it though as we picked up some food and drinks to enjoy prior to the show. We somehow managed to get everyone together for a big group picture. I also somehow managed to get pretty damn buzzed, but that's what happens when you drink beer, wine, and vodka within 2 hours.

The Weeknd was mediocre... He played all his slow sh*t instead of his upbeat stuff! How disappointing. FLORENCE THOUGH! Damn that girl can sing. I was completely blown away by her ability to hit high notes with such power. Nothing but amazing.

Chris, Kes, and I managed to make it out to the Fool's Gold afterparty at Icon as well to see RL Grime and Chromeo spin. Pretty cool, but only worth going to for free. We ended the night with some good ol' El Flamin' Taco.

Shuttle stop FTW.

Fresh 'n Easy lunch combo for $6.


I seriously did not expect us to actually take a big group picture. But I'm glad we did!

The Weeknd. Step yo game back up...

Intermission mingling.



So awesome.



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